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Waste Removals

PLEASE DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT! Waste Removals are not cheap! If someone is offering to remove waste cheap, they ARE NOT removing it legally!

"But they are licensed" Doesn't matter! Just because someone has a license to do waste removals, this doesn't mean they'll dispose o it properly. A waste license only means they're legally allowe to carry waste.

The biggest problem is that people think removal companies can dispose waste for free at recycle centres ..... Wrong! This is also illegal! Any person or company removing waste for someone else has to, by law take it to a commercial waste site, which, based on my knowledge, charge you ~£20 to enter the site and then each material dumped, i.e. wood, plastic etc has its own cost, for 250kg or 1 tonne.

An example of a general request for a removal company, a sofa. Waste sites charge removal companies ~£40 to dispose of a sofa, not multiple, 1 sofa! That's with out earning a wage, fuel etc. So I your being charged anything less than this it's not being disposed of correctly an unfortunately, you could be liable for a hefty fine!

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